Monday, September 19, 2011

Tweet O The Day: RUMORS - Jay Rome Transferring?

Valdosta has been abuzz with rumors of Rome's impending departure. We hadn't heard said rumors until late Sunday, but the people down in Title Town have been stirring the pot a bit because of the Georgia coaching staff's decision to redshirt him this season. Is there anything to this dirty little rumor? Prepare to have some knowledge dropped on you Dawg Nation...

So, rest easy Red and Black - @_KingStan87 is staying put, despite having a year to hone his skills before showcasing them Between the Hedges. It's a very good thing too, as Rome has really impressed during practice. 

I honestly thought Rome would be too good to redshirt this year, but I'm glad that the staff convinced him that getting a 'shirt was better for him in the long-term. Next year could be another log jam for UGA TEs, depending on whether or not Orson decides to skip his senior year and and enter the draft. If he does, we'd still have Lynch, Rome, Charles, and incoming freshman (crossing fingers) Ty Smith. 

That's a pretty stacked cupboard of talent on the flanks of the o-line. Hopefully they can get some gamebreaking wideouts as well.


  1. Jay Rome ain't going nowhere. Charles will go pro this year, and Rome will get serious playtime in 2012.

    P.S. H2H Guys; You can watch a replay of the UGA-CC game on ESPN if you guys want, might be worth a post to your bloggers:

  2. The more I look at this schedule, it looks like a couple of long runs.

    The first run started this week, and runs up until the Florida game. Includes wins against unranked teams like CC, Miss, MSU, Tenn, Vnderbilt.

    Who knows what happens against Florida, the only ranked SEC team on the schedule.

    Then after Florida, you start another run of wins against unranked teams like NMS, Aub, Kentucky. Then GT, who we're 8-1 against lately.

    Could finish 7-1 in SEC if beat Florida (Florida is the only ranked SEC team on schedule remaining).

    Or finish 6-2 in SEC if lose to Florida and beat MSU, Aub.

    South Carolina should lose to Ark & Florida & Auburn. Spurrier has never finished 6-2 in SEC at SC.

    Florida should lose to Ala, LSU, and either UGA or Auburn.

    So, if we go 6-2, we win the East.