Friday, September 9, 2011

Tweet O' the Day Pt. Deaux: Austin and Hunter Long Approved

Much to my surprise, the regulars around here aren't the only ones that focus in on our long-lived narrative Tweet O' The Day. Just find this little string of tweets regarding our Hunter Long expose' this morning - you'll enjoy.

Pretty much, these two should henceforth and now on be called "The Bash Brothers" for obvious reasons. In case you can't figure out those most obvious of reasons, here's a comprehensive study in "Why the Long Brother's Party is Better Than Your Party":
  • You think a Matt Stafford keg lift is something to behold, try a Hunter Long one. The kegs are twice the size, feature 12 girls (not just one) in the foreground giving Hunter a helping hand, and (of course) Sierra Mist instead of beer. He's underage folks.

  •  Tons and tons of Cascada and Darude. Let's face it, your party just isn't as kewl with all that crappy rock that gets played on 97.1 The River over and over again like 12 times a day. See just check how pumped you get from this and compare. Just be glad you're not in Columbia when you hear this... It wouldn't be a good sign tomorrow.

  •  A. CHI. O... Mmmm, no. That isn't at your party.
And lastly, but certainly not leastly...
Anywho, Austin and his brother understudy are really seeming to come along. It may have taken them a little while to find their way in Athens, but it appears as though they've used the best of their abilities to get the full college experience. This took some time for the crew here, but we nevertheless understand the overwhelming challenges that a student faces while in such an ominous place as Athens, GA.

Yeah, that place is down right scary...

Wait a minute...

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