Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Mark Fox's Take on the Football Team

I am a HUGE Mark Fox fan. I'd have to say that in 5 years, we're going to look on the Damon Evans hire of Mark as a turning point in our hoops program. If we happen to get a certain 5-star power forward of note for this year's class and a very projectable SF, we'll be even further along come next season. But I digress, as the point of this article isn't to discuss the basketball program.

Yesterday, I noticed a curious tweet from Fox, which I thought should probably be coming from our head football coach, but nonetheless...

One thing that I really appreciate about Fox is his approach to the football team. He embraces the fact that football is the most supported sport and, I feel, is a genuine fan of the game. I think any person trying to garner respect amongst a fanbase of rabid football fans would logically conclude that an attitude like that would go a long way in drawing some of them to support the hoops team. 

Fox seems like a genuinely good guy. He cares a lot about his players and, subsequently, a lot about his buddy Mark Richt's players. I don't want to give up on this team either, but all this losing is sure making it tough. While it's pretty obvious what I think the outcome may be Saturday, that won't deter me from supporting the guys on the field, being in Sanford, and hoping for a win. 

Besides, I'm getting really, really tired of all the bitching and complaining from Saturday's loss. Really folks, let's forget about it - it's a whole new week. Yeah, all those stats from the past five, six, or nine years are pretty damning, but why can't we start a new roll of stats on Saturday?

I'm sure you all can think of a few reasons why we can't, but I'm not dwelling anymore. It's fruitless.

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