Friday, September 2, 2011


I really, really hope you haven't seen this because if you haven't, you're going to think that his head is on fire or something. It's insane. But before I show you, please be sure and notice that this is Aron White's twitter and what he had to say about the new "do".

I'm sure that "slap you in the face" comment was followed by a "lol" that didn't get included in the tweet. The only way I'd have a haircut like that is if someone did it to my cold, dead body. Seriously, tall, goofy, white people can't get away with stuff like this. I'm not sure that Orson can either, but if it works enough for him to have about 150 and 2 TD's and we get a win, it'll be the greatest haircut in modern history.

Can I get an over/under on the number of times ESPN will show this during the game? Oh and if we're getting beaten, it's gonna be a sad 17 dozen shots of this kid hanging his head. Really, really embarrassing.

What are your thoughts on the artwork? Oh yeah, and BTW, here's a Tweet O' the Day from us. Make sure and yell at us as we walk around filming for Tales From the Tailgate to get your hands on one Saturday around the Dome.

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  1. Apparently he dyed it red. I guess that's better?