Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Day in Academia W/Gates, Long, and Scott-Wesley

Athletes have tutors, mandatory study halls, and notetakers, but do they really have the same experience as normal people do when attending class everyday? I know what my day was like every day, but it's hard to imagine that the Dawgs' football team have similar days to what mine were. While I don't know if these directly reflect what they're doing in the classroom, considering the time and context, I think it's a fair assumption.

Let's have a look...

Hmmm, Ken Gates working on 3D modeling. Go figure that for an offensive lineman. I could consider that fresh myself. If he's working on SolidWorks, I can dig that. You know what they say about o-linemen don't you - well, I bet all those other guys on the line are having fun in their chemistry and finance classes...

Well Hunter, you have your work cut out for you. How about some spell casting or giant slaying?

So while these guys are modeling 3D dragons, what else is going on around them? Are they Facebook stalking, drawing pictures of male reproductive organs, or maybe playing Hangman with their neighbor?

So yeah, it's pretty much the same as my day to day was in college, only it occurs about 4 hours earlier and may or may not include a couple less toes. Well, that and I guess I was one of those lighter skinned folks that made JSW the stark minority.

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