Monday, September 26, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Dawgs Have a New QB on the Team

A strange series of events took place over the weekend. Time crept slowly to a halt, gravity briefly released it's grip on one special offensive lineman, and "Boats N' Hoes" slipped in and became the rallying cry of thousands of young offensive linemen around the country. In particular, one young Georgia offensive lineman felt his body transform into something never before imagined by the Dawg Nation...

I know this isn't exactly a tweet, but the bio-update may as well have been. Watts' nice photo above is also interesting in and of itself.

  1. Multicolored bowtie - check
  2. Sunglasses with crokies - check
  3. Big smile with two sorority chicks on his flanks - check
In case you aren't familiar with the hashtag "PrestigeWorldwide" it's one of the up and comers in the entertainment biz. I'd imagine that Watts was referring to the swag that he and Huff and Doback, the CEO's of Prestige Worldwide, all have in common. In case you haven't seen their newest promo, it's quite the rage these days...

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