Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Cornelius Washington Has an Accident

I'd count this as a major accident, especially while trying to concentrate for an 8 am class. Had this happened to myself, I'd probably just take myself back home and find a garden hose and a tub of Febreeze.

As for Washington, I think we may have ticked him off a bit last week after questioning his production. This week's tally in Oxford was pretty impressive and I was very inspired by his dissing of the block on the last play of the game. Pretty much the worst you could ask for is this guy coming off the edge with a bead on you and dog dookie on his kicks.

I don't know about you, but pooh laced tracks in my sternum aren't appealing. I'd rather watch this movie about 57 times back to back.

In other Twitter news, we've garnered some following with the youngins' along the offensive line it appears. Why have we done this? Well, because being serious about the football team is too often overly lame. Yeah, we get it - some people aren't happy (including us sometimes), but live a little folks. Don't take things too seriously. 

Obviously we don't...

In summation, keep doing your thang young padawans. Laughing a little cures the illest of ills - even when you're forced to watch a Robin Williams movie not named Good Will Hunting... or Flubber... just kidding about that last one.

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