Friday, September 23, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Aron White's Entertaining Evening

With ESPN's Thursday night game a horrendous match up between irrelevants Cincinnati and North Carolina State, most had to find other forms of entertainment. Aron White it seems made the most of out a bad night of television and made his way over to MTV for a little Jersey Shore.

At one point I would have scoffed at the idea of watching this garbage, but now my eyes are drawn to this weekly train wreck of a show. These people are so out of hand it’s ridiculous. It’s like watching a “Most Shocking Videos” show; you know it’s going to be bad and maybe even a little wrong, but you just can’t turn channel.

Thursday’s episode was no exception, and well Aaron is gonna break it down for ya...

That’s right folks the famous guidette from Marlboro, New York who Rutgers University paid $32,000 to speak at a school function. Really? Come on Scarlet Knights you couldn’t do any better. Snooki’s message included advice like “study hard, but party harder”. Well Thursday night she partied harder and ended up in the gutters of Florence, Italy. GREAT TV! Normally I wouldn't revel in another's anguish, but this is just too easy.

In hindsight though, I probably should have just watched a rerun of Fraiser.

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