Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Mark Richt Approaching the "Cemetery Gates" in Athens?

Thursday Thrash is a weekly segment in which we incorporate some of the greatest songs of all time (mostly metal, but not always) into a topically relevant post revolving around current issues at the University of Georgia. As a note, artistic liberties will be frequently used in this relation. Basically, the only premise/rule is that I can't put on some crappy Shania Twain song or some no-talent lightning catcher with autotune (see KESHA).

The cat is outta the proverbial bag. There's no getting around it, despite what Richt has to say himself regarding Saturday's game in Sanford Stadium. It's the biggest in his coaching career. Yada, Yada, Yada, beat around the bush - he wont't say it, but it's painfully obvious that the Bulldog Nation is losing patience. Easily losing it faster than the Titanic lost a penchant for being buoyant.

His quote from yesterday more than irked me regarding this when he was asked by a Carolina reporter if Saturday was a "must win":

Richt - “Didn’t I just say it’s a really important game?”

Reporter - “But do you think it’s a must-win?”

Richt - “I think it’s a really important game. Do you want to ask me again? Because you can and I’ll give you the same answer. OK?”

Yeah, I understand putting undue pressure on your team and all, but come on, I grow tired of this cat and mouse emotion game. "You think you're gonna shake me. Well, I'm way above that reporter. I show no emotion!" Why can't he just say something like, "Yeah, every week that I coach is the most important game I've ever coached. The bar is continually being raised and I'm in the business of getting over it. Now let's kick some Carolina ASS!"

Well that last one isn't ever going to happen and I can respect that, but show those people who are trying to find a way to support you something to rally around, not the same old rhetoric. Yeah, I know it's his style and I'm trying to squeeze the blood out of a stone, but let's get some blood flowing.

Besides the prior rant, CMR really has to win this game or I'm afraid that he'll find himself in a boat he won't be able to control. That's not very appealing to a coach that's on a seat hotter than a four-balled tomcat. While he doesn't display it in public (much to my chagrin), I'm sure he let's the guys on the field know it. Even though that may be the case, it doesn't matter - this is the court of public opinion.

It's because of this that Pantera's 1994 hit, "Cemetery Gates" is on tap for this week's Thrash. On a related note, the reason that this song also popped in my head is because Dawgola mentioned it Monday evening when I was contemplating songs for Tales From the Tailgate. We always try and throw in something that relates to the game and, well, I'll let you use your imagination there.

But enough with all that noise...


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