Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tailgating The Grove

Reminds me of UGA's North Campus prior to 2009 SC game
For those of you in the Bulldog Nation lucky enough to make the trip to Ole Miss this weekend enjoy the truly special tailgating experience of The Grove. The legendary 10 acre grassy tract of hollowed Mississippi ground shaded by oaks, elm, and magnolias has long been regarded as the Mecca of college football tailgating.

In 2007 Sports Illustrated ranked The Grove as the nations top tailgating spot. I tend to agree with their judgement, as a few years prior SI named Uga as the nations best mascot. I mean Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN did name Ole Miss co-eds as the second prettiest group in America. (behind, you guessed it UGA baby) All the more reason to make the approximate 7 hour trip to Oxford.

Sitting at the heart of the Ole Miss campus, The Grove is home to Rebel’s pre-game Walk of Champions which traditionally takes place approximately two and a half hours before kickoff. The Grove is often littered with student members of Greek societies overdressed and eating three course meals on fine china. However, with an 11:21 (local time) kickoff, I’m sure if the full meals will make it for tailgating.

Don’t look to set up a tent or tailgate on The Grove as a Dawg fan however. Ole Miss rules allow fans to begin setting up at 10:00 pm the night before the game and crowds are often waiting to rush the grounds to claim their spots. Another rule of note is the fact that alcohol cannot be displayed or distributed via kegs, shots, funnels, etc. So keep the party to a minimum. In fact you might want to check out the official rules and regulations here and follow the link to The Grove.

Odd to think that such a revered piece of college football lore, that is preserved  and governed by strict protective guidelines, allowed cars and RVs until a 1991 rainstorm left it a rutted muddy swamp.

Sappy, but you get the point

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