Monday, September 19, 2011

Syracuse and Pitt Joining the ACC

You know what this means to me? Absolutely nothing.

The ACC just isn't a very good league. It's a watered down product that is likely to be even more so when the top-tier teams defect to the ACC, B1G, or the SEC. Syracuse may be on the rise a bit, but they seem doomed to perennially suck and Pitt, well they just need to stick to basketball.

This really doesn't make a lot of sense to me. These are basketball schools. They're already in the best hoops conference in America, so why switch? The conference is likely going to get less appealing after the defection(s) to other conferences, so that's another strike. I'd have to see the potential on the revenue end, but otherwise this really muddies the water for me. Here's another BIG reason this baffles my mind.

The exact date for the move remains uncertain, as Big East bylaws require schools to pay a $5 million exit fee and give 27 months notice before leaving. ACC commissioner John Swofford said the league "fully respects" the bylaws of the Big East, but Pitt chancellor Mark Nordenberg said the Big East provides options for withdrawal.

It has also been rumored that UCONN is evaluating their options on this as well.

Once again, all this ESPN BANKROLL has folks clamoring after dollars. I'd like to sum all of this up in a 30 second youtube clip.

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