Saturday, September 3, 2011

So Who Will Prevail Tonight?

Let's just make this easy... We're homers after all.

Wes and Marty's pick...

If we lose, I will remove all evidence of this post both from my memory and from this blog.

Your thoughts?


  1. I want to pick Georgia, but reviewing the 2010 record against winning teams, 0 wins--6 losses, I'm going to go with my common sense and say Boise State.

  2. That's no good buckshot. We appreciate your honesty though.

  3. I think it` will be close to begin with maybe even low scoring at the half. if the Dawgs stay focused dominate the line of scrimmage, establish a run game to grind it our and can keep the Boise Offense off the field as much as possible, UGAs size and run game will wear down that Boise defense.

    UGA pulls away mid 4th qtr