Friday, September 16, 2011

Seven Wins Will Save Richt's Job

Heading into what should be Georgia's first win of the 2011 season, Mark Richt has already had to address questions about his future in Athens. Coming off a six win season and currently sitting at 0-2 the Bulldogs future looks bleak...or does it?

How hot is his seat?
Preseason expectations of a possible SEC East crown were more than a little bit lofty. A collective grumble has begun to be heard all across Bulldog Nation. The Dawgs will be better this season; but how many teams realistically go from a losing record to division champs - not many. Improvement is coming, just not as dramatically or as speedily as some wish.

Any improvement will be seen as a step in the right direction and let's face it, it doesn't take much to improve upon 6-7. With two loses in the books, to by far the best two teams on our schedule, UGA now need to go 7-3 the rest of the way to guarantee Coach Richt's job. There is an outside chance six wins could keep him around for another season, but seven is a safe bet.

The 2010 campaign brought a defensive regime change, buying at that time, at least two years for Richt since it would take no less than two for the new philosophy to bare any fruit. This past year Richt signed arguably his best recruiting class, the aptly named "Dream Team". I for one believed this class assured Richt an additional year to develop this talent and mold them into a SEC championship caliber team.

Despite a rash of injuries and the lack of pass rush, the defense has improved and will continue to do so. Bobo has finally began to show some creativity in his play calling, as Georgia has begun to run out of the shotgun more often and work from the no-huddle. The best playmakers on the team are finally finding their way onto the offensive side of the field. Even the off field issues are improving for the Dawgs, as UGA saw its first off season without major incident in a long while. Richt has coached this team with more integrity and steadfast belief than any other coach in the country.

Of our remaining opponents Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, Vandy, New Mexico St., Kentucky, and Georgia Tech are likely wins. The remaining schedule, consisting of Miss. State, Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn could present more of a problem. However, we will not go 0-4 in those games. With that said, Richt only has to win one of the aforementioned games to finish the 2011 regular season at 7-5 and save his job.

No Doubt Richt must win in 2011 to keep his job, but not at the pace the Bulldog Nation demands or unrealistically expects. Brighter days are on the way. UGA will return to national prominence in the near future.


  1. Hard cut to this...

    This thing's about to light up like a Christmas tree.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, especially the "hardwood" portion, but i can not disagree more vehemently with you on this point. I have long considered myself a rational GA fan, and am an admirer of Richt, but I will be way beyond stunned and disappointed if Richt is retained after a 7-5 season. In fact, if he goes 8-4, and one of those 4 losses comes in Jax or Atlanta, he's toast. If TWO of those losses come in the aforementioned locales, he's 3 day-old burnt toast.

    In my estimation, he'd best go 9-3 in the regular season if he truly wants to save his job, and even then, he could sweat a lot less by winning in Jax.

  3. I don't know where you came up with this. You honestly can't think anyone who has followed this program believes that 7-5 will save Richt's job. The boosters and alums are already putting the squeeze on Adams and McGarity. If he doesn't beat Florida and GT and Auburn he's done. Bottom line this team finds a way to lose. There will be a new HC roaming the sidelines in Athens in 2012.

  4. Finally, someone with some common sense, great article here H2H.

    Mark Richt went 6-7 last year. That is the current measure. Richt needs to improve on that win total, we all agree.

    I have no doubt that finishing 8-5 or 9-4 would both work, those are pretty significant improvements over 6 wins, 30-50% more wins. 7-6 would also work in my opinion.

    I think get to 8 wins after the Bowl game, I don't care who we beat, just go from 6 wins to 8 wins to figure out how to reverse the win direction and show significant improvement.

    We've got to be more mature in our outlook. 14-0? It's immature to think 14-0 every year.

  5. Richt will survive seven and six if we win two of three against Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech, and one of those two is against Florida.

  6. has it really come to this,we're suprised when the team plays fired up,we're suprised when no arrests have been made "lately" and now we should accept 7-5 as a good return on a 3 MILLION DOLLAR a year investment(head coach only mind you)my how the bar has been lowered,and I STILL HATE THE SPRINT DRAW!!!

  7. if you look at the remaining schedule, this will be a tough season.

    CC/ 9-17:
    Good team, they won their conference, and are 2-0. UGA wins this one.
    1-2 record

    Miss/ 9-24:
    Houston Nutt is in the top 20 in win % in the NCAA, he can coach. UGA should win this one.
    2-2 record

    MSU/ 10-1:
    They'll be ranked higher and favored.
    2-3 record

    TENN/ 10-8:
    Home team has won last 4 in matchup. This one in Knox.
    2-4 record

    Van/ 10-15:
    Much improved. UGA should win this one.
    3-4 record

    UF/ 10-29:
    Richt is 2-8 in series.
    3-5 record

    NMS/ 11-5:
    UGA wins this one.
    4-5 record

    AUB/ 11-12:
    Aub will be favored.
    4-6 record

    KENT/ 11-19:
    UGA should win this one.
    5-6 record

    GT/ 11-26:
    UGA should win this one. But it's usually close.
    6-6 record

    Bowl game:
    Richt's 7-3 in Bowl games, should win this one.
    7-6 record

  8. If Richt can get out of the Florida game with a 4-4 record, Richt COULD go on a 5 game win run after that (including the Bowl game), to finish 9-4.

    To finish 8-5:
    1- Must beat EITHER MSU, Tenn, or Fla to get to 4-4 by Oct. 30
    2- Upset Auburn

    To finish 9-4:
    1- Must beat EITHER MSU, Tenn, or Fla to get to 4-4 by Oct. 30
    2- Upset Auburn
    3- Win the Bowl game

    To finish 10-3:
    Must win 3 out of 4 against Tenn, MSU, UF, Aub & Bowl game

  9. Agree with you that Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, Vandy, New Mexico St., Kentucky, and Georgia Tech are likely wins.

    6 wins there.

    To get to 8 wins:
    Win 2 of these 5:
    MSU, Tenn, UF, Aub, Bowl game

    To get to 9 wins:
    Win 3 of these 5:
    MSU, Tenn, UF, Aub, Bowl game

    To get to 10 wins:
    Win 4 of these 5:
    MSU, Tenn, UF, Aub, Bowl game

  10. Look, Wes isn't divulging what he WANTS, this is a WHAT WILL HAPPEN post.

    If you think 7-5 won't have him back in Athens, you should've taken a poll of people who called Saturday a moral victory or said "Eh, we played better, after all they're a top-12 team" walking out of the stadium.

    We've passed the event horizon as a fanbase - numb to losing. It's the sad state of where we are. What the hell happened to expectations of SEC Championships? Instead we're down to "Well, we played this or that team tough."

    Wes is right... begrudgingly.

  11. Seven wins against the easiest schedule he's ever likely to face will save his job? That's barely a fog-the-mirror test. Might as well go ahead and appoint him Coach for Life.