Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rennie Curran Arrested ... and Jobless

Rennie Curran's life has taken quite a wicked turn in the wrong direction. First, he was cut before the season started by the Tennessee Titans becuase he "didn't fit into their new bigger defense". And now, Rennie and his 23 year old girlfriend, Natalie Quezada, have both been arrested for fighting...with each other. Both were taken in on charges of simple battery, but both also had a different account of the story:

Here is Curran's (per AJC article):

Curran, who recently was released by the Tennessee Titans, told police he asked Quezada to get out of his car and she slapped him and threw his bag into nearby bushes, Jones said ... As Quezada exited the vehicle and began walking up the stairs, Curran told police he grabbed her by the arm, causing her to lose her balance and fall into the bushes.

And here is Quezada's account:

According to Quezada, she slapped Curran in the face as she was walking up the stairs and he threw her into the bushes...

Ah, sounds like they're dabbling over minute details. Anyway, I guess now is a good time to point out that Rennie may have been best served to stick around for his senior season. He only had 7 tackles last season, and is currently out of a job. It stinks because I -- along with many others -- thought his football instincts alone would allow him to excel at the NFL level. But when a team with a 53-man roster can cut you at anytime, it becomes a pretty cruel league.


  1. I was just reading the UGA players in the pro's update on the other day wondering where Rennie was...I guess we all know now! What a shame...hope he get's another shot! I do agree with you though...I think he definitely would have benifited by another year in Athens. But, he stated that he needed the money to take care of his daughter...and his gf who just got him arrested....sometimes life just doesn't make any since...

  2. He was let go from the Titans but had the best defensive stats on the team. Huh, that's kinda ironic?

  3. It really sad that you guys take great pride in reporting this story and making the headline Arrested and Jobless. A year ago you all were cheering for Rennie, but now that he has a little bad publicity you want to ruin his reputation. This will not bring him down it will only make him stronger.

  4. Anon 2:14,

    What in God's name are you talking about? All I did was report the fact that a former UGA player got arrested. If I am trying to "ruin his reputation" then I guess all the credible online sites that reported it are trying to ruin him as well. Sure, I hope he does make a comeback, but to say I was trying to bring him down is ridiculous. I have an idea: DON'T GET ARRESTED!

  5. Your ridiculous and may I add very ignorant. You explicity say his career has taken a wicked turn..who are you to say that. You only have 17 people that follow your blog..try finding another occupation.

  6. Anon 3:39,

    "You only have 17 people that follow your blog..try finding another occupation."

    We get thousands of page views a day FWIW. And do you REALLY think his career has taken a good turn? If you only want POSITIVE UGA news then go read something else. We discuss the good and the bad.

  7. Well, his career has not taken a good turn, but it's not a "wicked" turn either. Come on, you know you are being sensationalistic here. If that is what you do, then that's fine. But don't be pretending that you are just "reporting the fact" when what you are also doing is editorializing to put a tabloid spin on the story. Oh and by the way, I think your career has taken a wicked turn when you can't even spell the word "Because" - correction it is NOT "Becuase" - second line, opening paragraph.

  8. I agree with anonymous Tesla is a real asshole. Someone went through a low point in their carrer/life and "you" wanted to make it your upmost business and concern to post this story/situation. How about for kicks you write about a diminishing point in your life so we can all read about it, and dont forget to make it sound as terrible and cynical as possible!!!!

  9. I'm on record as someone else stating that I'm not too impressed with this Tesla's work. Not doing anything impressive or of meaningful contribution. Stumbled on this by accident.....last time I will be here to contribute to the "thousands of page views a day"