Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rambo, Tyson, and Drew: Were We Lied To?

Most UGA fans have never once questioned the integrity of Mark Richt, but certain recent events have caused some to reevaluate that stance. Lately Bulldog players have been suspiciously missing games due to apparent non-existent injuries, unexplained suspensions, and other peculiar circumstances.

Just this past week starting defensive end DeAngelo Tyson was said to be injured and would miss the Coastal Carolina game. Well apparently Tyson didn’t get the memo on his ailment. When questioned by UGASports about his injury and status for this week's Ole Miss game, Tyson had this to say:
"I didn't have an injury," said Tyson, creating somewhat of an awkward moment when talking to beat writers.
"I was just told I wasn't able to play because of what was going on, but I'm doing whatever I need to do to get back on the field," said Tyson, who did not elaborate further.
When asked if his absence was due to a disciplinary situation, Tyson said "mmm mmm." When asked if he was going to play in Saturday's game at Ole Miss, he replied "Uhum."
Earlier, Richt was asked about Tyson's availability for the contest.
""We are very hopeful that DeAngelo Tyson will be back. I can't remember exactly, but I think we are hoping for him to get a little scout team work today if I'm not mistaken," Richt said. "He won't do the inside drill and the 11-on-11 stuff. I think that's where he is at today."
Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham maintained the stance that Tyson was indeed injured.
"He was dinged. He was dinged. No, he was dinged," Grantham said.
Grantham went on to emphatically deny speculation that Tyson had in fact been suspended. Earlier this season reports began to swirl around Athens that safety Bacarri Rambo had been suspended for the opener against Boise State. After dodging the question for more than a week Richt finally confessed to the punishment only after Rambo sat out the loss, but declined to comment as to the nature of Rambo's offense. Is an omission of the truth the same as lying?

Another such mysterious case would be the lack of playing time for freshman sensation Ray Drew. His puzzling absence from the first two games of the season has been chalked up to lingering effects from his fall camp scooter accident or simply the lack of experience due to time missed. While either of those scenarios may be true; rumors of a suspension have been circulating the Classic City and as we’ve seen with the first two cases, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Coach-speak is a part of athletics and especially college athletics, but there comes a time when a little honesty goes a long way. Is the Bulldog Nation being fed half truths? Speculation has been rampant as to if Richt’s discretion concerning these events is an attempt to keep quiet, off-field offenses, in an effort to save his job; or if he is remaining vague for the sake of maintaining his players reputation. I for one hope it is the later. Sometimes young kids need protecting and Richt should be admired if that be the case.

In any case all of these issues appear to have been resolved and shouldn't have any bearing on the future. Maybe mountains have been made of mole hills here today, but the final decision is yours to make. 
DISCLAIMER: We at Hedges to Hardwood are not saying that these assertions are accurate, we are simply bringing them to light.


  1. I think the coaches should go the Saban route and hide anything and everything they can. We don't need to know if someone is suspended. If they don't show up on the field during the game they are suspended, hurt or not good enough. Let the reporters ask the question then. Out and out lying not a fan, but omitting the potential suspensions good.

    The REASON? We spent most of the last 5 years talking about a bunch of stuff we didn't need to worry about -- Suspensions, going pro, what ever. We should be worried about winning. Not that the change in philosophy has helped to date, but I am all in favor of closed practices and secrecy if it helps us focus on winning and improving.

  2. Anon 9:23, thanks for reading. All good thoughts. I agree that our concentration should be on winning and if this method helps produce wins then go for it. Complete silence on these issues by Richt and Co. would be better than half truths.

  3. A blog commenting on half truth's?? Ha! There's so much ' yellow journalism' going on n these blogs and the true 'sports reporting' it's ridiculous. Of course he's not fully commenting on situations to the press given how they spin it however they want. And here u r trying to call him a liar . Hippocritical!

  4. I agree. The less news an oponent has about our issues, the more they have to prepare for. This can only provide a competitive advatage for the team. NFL teams do this all the time. Local reporters should helping these situations as well. Do you really think Saban and Miles does not have these minor issues as well? Secrecy is this situation is good and it helps protect the public image of the program. Family business needs to be kept in the family not the newspapers.

  5. Anon 9:49, you're right spin is a major part of journalism. However, you cannot objectively look at these occurrences and say that the 100% truth is being told. Thanks for reading.

  6. I never lied to my parents but quite often did not tell them stuff until after the fact, when everybody already knew it.

  7. This not a major issue, but it is happening. Richt will tell us what he wants to hear. Glad someone is finally pointing it out though.

  8. Anon 10:01, 10:50, and 11:06, thanks for treading guys. Nothing wrong with being sneaky I suppose.

  9. And you can't call this coach a liar and say that 1% of the untruth has been told. Your reasoning is a whine used to try and manipulate the staff to tell you some publishable news. You use this as a threat towardc our staff. I hope they don't let you near the team or meetings until after the season is over.

  10. Anon 12:00, wow are we talking about the same article? A threat? I was unaware that I had any leverage on our coaching staff with which to threaten them. Your observation is noted and I appreciate your reading.

  11. You have competition with other Blogs. I can't read every blog. Thanks for helping me decide which blogs to read.

  12. Are you Anons UGA grads? Jeez, I hope not. "Hippocritical!"? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

    Fine post, Wes, and I agree with Bryan that the Saban approach is probably the best way to go here. (1) Limit your opponents' knowledge of our roster and gameplan and (2) limit the time you waste with the press gabbing about it.

  13. Excellent, just excellent journalism.

    Example one: "[R]umors of a suspension have been circulating the Classic City and as we’ve seen with the first two cases, where there is smoke there is usually fire." But don't worry, H2H isn't "saying that these assertions are accurate." Just that they're billowing smoke, apparently.

    Example two: "Speculation has been rampant as to if Richt’s discretion concerning these events is an attempt to keep quiet[] off-field offenses." If speculation is rampant, wouldn't it be easy to cite a source? Or possibly some evidence besides "he didn't play versus BSU or USC?"

    And the kicker: let's imply that ol' honest Richt is hiding information from us so that he can (gasp) keep his job! You don't mention, of course, that Richt has zero duty to disclose a damn thing to any of us. With pieces like this floating around, I don't see why he ever would.

  14. Anon 3:39, in the first two cases the rumors were exactly correct. Richt admitted after the Boise game Rambo was in fact suspended. Also you have a direct quote from Tyson stating that he WAS NOT injured. That should be evidence enough. As far as citing a source, journalist almost NEVER site sources when reporting on sensitive issues. It is reporters responsibility to bear the brunt of public backlash not the source. As far as Richt giving straight answers, he has a right to say what he wants, but he is a public servant and therefore is not above reproach. Thanks for reading.

  15. Wes, Anon 3:39 again. This seems to have gone from bad to worse. Your article states "[H2H] are not saying that these assertions [of suspensions] are accurate." Now you say that, actually, the Rambo & Tyson episodes are "evidence enough" that they are. This is where I assume you'd like your readers to start assuming that Drew must be suspended as well -- even though you haven't provided a single Richt/Grantham "half-truth" about Drew from an interview. Thankfully, I'm still exhorted to 'decide' whether I'm being lied to.

    For me, that really does it. If you're not going to be straightforward in your premise, whether you cite sources or criticize Richt fairly makes no difference. And I'm not even a Richt supporter!

  16. Anon 6:23 the assertions about Ray Drew are merely possibility. I do not claim to have evidence of misrepresentation of the truth on behalf of the staff as it pertains to Drew. At no point do I state that he was actually suspended, I simply listed it as a possibility. I have merely stated the facts about how the Rambo and Tyson situations played out and addressed the fact that rumors are circulating about Drew. You can draw whatever conclusion that you wish.

  17. Ok, I'd like to get this straight. (This isn't even my post and I'm pissed)

    We don't work for the AJC or the AB-H or the Macon Telegraph. We're not journalists, nor do we claim to be. We do this for fun and we try to have that... well, until Mr. "I'm Smarter Than You Are/Journalistic Mumbo Jumbo Nazi" comes in and pees in the cornflakes.

    I'm tired of being diplomatic with people like Anon 3:39 over and over again.


    As an addendum, we have these mythical "sources" of which you speak, but then again, doesn't every fan have some information that they think is "inside"? If you want to read practice reports and all that bone-dry business, check Mark Wieszer's blog. If you can stand to have a little fun and also be informed, the bookmark is top-left.

  18. Also, we're in the loop and don't just spread rumors of which we don't suspect is truth. That's just dumb and a waste of effort, unless that's what your purpose it to begin with.

    Lex parsimoniae. It's your friend.