Thursday, September 22, 2011

Offensive Line Issues Emerging

One of the main fears we had coming into this season was the depth at offensive line. Since the season has started, we now realize there still exists plenty of other concerns, but it wasn't until this week that the aforementioned offensive line was an issue. It appears that -- with Kenarious Gates (ankle) and Chris Burnette (knee) now questionable with injuries -- we could see true freshman David Andrews starting at center (with Ben Jones moving over to guard, and Dallas Lee playing the opposite guard). However, Richt seems to think that one or both of the injured guys could be available for this weekend. IF David Andrews is starting at center, my confidence level for this game will take a big hit. I think the kid will be a great player, but to ask him to direct a huddle on the road in his second career game is tough.

In other offensive line news, the truth has now emerged about the absence of Kolton Houston this season (the fact he has not even dressed out for a game). Here is what Richt had to say after yesterday's practice:

"Just an NCAA issue is all I can say," Richt said. "It's an individual case that we're not going to get into details about. But it's NCAA-related. We think it's going to get cleared up. We just don't know when."

I guess, the "DNP due to coaches decision" had a underlying truth. I commend Richt for disclosing this information, but I wonder why he has waited until the fourth week of the season to tell everyone. I will not even begin to speculate as to what the "NCAA issue" is, but if it is an academic issue, shouldn't we have figured that out right after summer classes? My guess is that it's something else. We will just have to wait this one out.

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