Friday, September 2, 2011

Kwame and Jenks Eat Pieces of Bronco for Breakfast

As I looked over the Boise State lineup for what seems like 20th time I couldn’t help but notice one glaring potential matchup problem for the Broncos. Size along the offensive line, especially on the interior where none of Boise’s starters weigh over 300 pounds, could be a major issue versus the Bulldog’s massive nose tackles.

Small Dude
Kwame Geathers is a colossal 6-5 350 pounds and “Big Daddy Motel 6” Jenkins is not far behind tipping the scales at 6-3 351 pounds. In contrast, starting at center for the Broncos is senior Thomas Byrd who stands a mere 5-11 288 pounds. That’s me, Wes, plus 110 pounds which makes for a really squatty image. Obviously 288 is not light by any means, but the 5-11 may present a challenge as he will have a hard time creating leverage against the much bigger and longer tackles from UGA.

Starting guard Jake Broyles offers more height at 6-4, but only weighs 278 pounds. In fact only one offensive linemen on the Boise State two deep weighs more than 300 pounds. Starting left tackle Nate Potter has good size and talents at 6-6 300 pounds. Potter is a good one, but will the other offensive linemen have enough push against Georgia’s bigger defensive line.

I personally don’t think so. I believe this game will be won along UGA’s defensive line as we consistently collapse the pocket disrupting Kellen Moore and the Boise offense’s timing. In the run game Kwame and Jenkins will demand double maybe even triple teams allowing our linebackers to come free on blitzes. Let’s hope I’m right and the defense makes dines on grilled smurf tomorrow night in Atlanta.


  1. We had a huge size advantage on Colorado & UCF too. And we lost both games. Talent isn't the thing here. Never has been.

  2. yea and we also had Searels telling his guys to just run around and grab someone