Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jenkins to Play LB??

Who's next? Marlon to linebacker?
Well we all knew "Big Daddy Jenks" could play a little running back if needed; but apparently in this season of never ending position movement, it appears that in some sets he may line up at linebacker. Attrition and lack of initial depth are wreaking havoc on UGA's linebacking core.

Tuesday, Todd Grantham stated that the Bulldogs have alinements where DTs Kwame or Jenkins drop back to linebacker. Also in the mix to see time at LB are any and all safeties. The dirty rumor out of practice is that safety Shawn Williams (6-1, 220 lbs) is seeing extended time at backer. Grantham seemed to bristle when questioned about the possible move, asking reports if they had attended "team stuff".

Hell, at this rate we may burn Jay Rome's redshirt or move Marlon Brown and let one of them play linebacker. The best 11 will play and Saturday will provide a proving ground for players to make their stake at the starting inside spots. More than likely we'll see Gilliard and Herrera manning the Mike and Moe going forward.

In other position news, Dallas Lee is battling to hold off Kenarious Gates at left guard. I boldly predicted before the season that Gates had future All-Conference written all over him - well, maybe I was wrong and Lee keeps the job. If that's the case, I would strongly suggest moving Gates over to right tackle and letting Justin Anderson take a seat on the pine. Anderson played much better last week, but still has trouble containing speed rushers and shows a lack of concentration at times. Gates is oversized at tackle, but so is Glenn.

Also of note this week is the fact that the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (which is apparently a rooster, news to me) wear jerseys that feature a color scheme ripped straight off the backs of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Oddly though the Chanticleers share a greater connection with UGA than the Jags. When Coastal started it club football program in 1987, it was Georgia that handed down helmets and pads to equip the Chanticleers. The club, whose school colors were already red and black, chose to call themselves the Bulldogs instead of the school mascot of Chanticleers as a gesture of gratitude. So yes, we are playing Cocks in back to back weeks!

Coastal Carolina Jaguars?


  1. What exactly does "Oversized at Tackle" mean? In general, NFL Tackles are the biggest players on the field. So, if you're "oversized at tackle", what do you play? Bus?

  2. Ben Dukes, thanks for reading. By oversized I mean heavy. The average NFL guard outweighs the tackle. In the NFC South guards average 318.2 lbs while tackles are 310.8. Also there are 6 guards weighing over 320 in the division as opposed to only 2 tackles. Justin Anderson weighs 342, which by those averages is oversized for the tackle position. Tackles are typically lighter possessing quicker feet for better pass protection.