Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update: Big Weekend in Athens

Not only is there a HUGE football game in Athens this weekend, there will also be a very thick list of hoops prospects that will likely be taking in said football game. Word is that there will be at least 12 of the top recruits on Fox's board for the next 3 years.

While I won't claim to know a full list of the players that will be attending, there is a certain Miller Grove SF that is attending. I don't have 100% confirmation that the 6'8 Brandon Morris will be visiting this Saturday, but from what I can gather it looks as though Morris will be making a trip to Athens to take in the football game and, most importantly, visit with Coach Fox and make his rounds.

If you don't know much about Morris, he's a former teammate of Donte Williams, is also good friends with current UGA commit Charles Mann, and also knows Kenny Gaines pretty well. His affiliations aside, Brandon has a lot of potential as a lock-down defender on the perimeter, a big-time threat on the glass, and also has some developing ability as a scorer.

Best I can tell, he is really coming along in the last area, which probably appeals to Fox the most, as he's been quoted many times as saying, "You can teach a kid how to play defense, but scoring the basketball comes naturally." If you'd like a good comparison of Morris to a familiar figure in hoops history, a very good one would be former Hawks star Stacey "Plastic Man" Augmon per ESPN. I just hope he doesn't make lewd jokes about Jameer Nelson and reporters like Augmon.

I'll keep you posted on any visitors possibly joining Morris in Athens this weekend. From all indications, we are out in front for the SF and I'm hoping that there may be a commitment in the near future for Fox and company. Morris has been quoted as saying that he'll take his visits and wait, but I wouldn't be surprised to see something happen in the next two or three weeks.

Just in case you haven't seen any highlights of Morris, check the video below.

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