Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hedge Talk Episode 11 - Blair Walsh's Troubles

The H2H guys discuss the following topics in the 11th edition of Hedge Talk:

-- Ole Miss/UGA Recap
-- Blair Walsh Issues
-- Bright Spots/Bad Spots on the field
-- SEC standings

-- CFB Headlines
-- Gary Barnett VIP Club
-- 5-star performers
-- Upcoming games of note

-- "In the News"
-- Box Office numbers
-- Upcoming movie premieres



  1. 5 comments coming out of ole miss were

    1. Crowell absolutely gassed out in the in the 2nd half.. 30 carries will do that to even the best tailbacks though.. but like you guys said he was gone in the 3rd q..

    2. Did anyone noticed that at least 3-4 of miss 3rd and long conversions came on sanders commings at corner? They targeted him quite a bit...

    3. our kicking game has somehow gone to hell, i use to basically accept 3pts once we crossed the

    4. This defense is exactly what we hoped for so i give Grantham all the credit.. i cant wait to get our mlbs back in the lineup

    5.Aaron murray looked much more improved... i wish marlon brown would get healthy but i guess his time has passed with mitchell stepping into the spotlight

  2. Great point on #2. We did notice and actually meant to talk about it. We might see Commings and Boykin switch in Nickel situations because you know other teams will take notice.