Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hedge Talk Ep. 9: What's the Deal With Ray Drew? Murray, Etc.

(The following is a repost of yesterday's show, just in case you missed it.)
In the 9th edition of the Hedge Talk podcast, we discuss a wide range of topics:

-- Solution for linebacker issues
-- Aaron Murray's recent mistakes
-- Ray Drew Quandry
-- New Hoops Commit
-- News from around College FB
-- Recap from last weekend's games
-- A look to this weekend's action
-- Movie Box office numbers
-- Discussion of upcoming movies


1 comment:

  1. Both game so far, were close in 1st half, when Murray was doing less, and we were relying on defense, running game, and special teams, like LSU does. When Murray tried to be a hero in 2nd half, things got bad fast. Murray isn't as much of a playmaker as he thinks. He needs to:
    1- Get ball to playmakers
    2- Trust defense, special teams, and run game
    3- Stop turning the ball voer