Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hedge Talk: Ep. 8 - HUGE Implications for S.C. Game

The good news about UGA losing to Boise is that it gives us plenty of fodder for the podcast. Other than that...it was a pretty disappointing. Anway, here are some of the topics discussed in this week's edition of Hedge Talk:

-- UGA/Boise Recap
-- Implications of S. Carolina game
-- Look at other games from this past weekend
-- A new feature called "Five Star Players of the Week"
-- A look at some key upcoming games for the weekend
-- Wes takes a look at box office numbers
-- Random crime committed in Germany
-- Tech has wardrobe issues

-- MUCH More.

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1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain.. it was a surreal feeling in that dome on saturday. I still believe if we play the run like we did early on we have a chance. Garcia is no kellen more he wont dink and dunk up the field attacking our LBs who seemed to always be 15yds off the ball....nevertheless its gonna be a long year if our o line thinks that what they did on SAT. was anything close to blocking.. I think we can rally this week and pull the upset... then again i was sure that boise wasnt going to be up 21 on us all game... so ya looking foward to your preview later this week