Thursday, September 8, 2011

H2H Tidbits: 2 DBs in the Offensive Backfield?!?!

Hidden at the bottom of Tuesday’s practice report was a slight hint that UGA may use two defensive backs in the offensive backfield this Saturday against South Carolina. Both Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith are in line to see extended time with the offense. Smith shined with the ball in his hands at G-Day and is apparently ready to show it was no fluke. It seems the foot injury that occurred late in camp is now fully healed, allowing Smith to get reps with the offense. Richt went as far as to say…

“Between Branden Smith and Boykin we do want to continue to use them on offense with Richard and Isaiah, and that’s probably going to be the majority of the carries. Not to say that a third back won’t get an opportunity, but those guys are not only competing for the number three tailback job but they are kind of competing against how many reps Boykin and Smith can take in a ballgame.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth folks. A lack of quality depth and production has forced the Bulldogs to play two defensive backs on offense. I like this move really; we’ve all seen what these guys can do on special teams and with very very limited snaps on offense. This is clear attempt to get the best playmakers on the field, and after Saturday we need a spark.

One drawback is the fact that Smith and Crowell both wear the number one and will not be able to see the field at the same time. If I’m Richt, I need offense and would politely be issuing a shiny number three or four jersey to Mr. Crowell Saturday morning in an attempt to get my best players on the field. Imagine an offensive set with Crowell, Smith, Boykin, Orson Charles, and Malcolm Mitchell. Potentially Badass is the term I will use.

Another offensive tidbit of note is the apparent arrival of the “check the sideline for the play” to UGA. As many noticed Saturday the offense frequently setup then checked to the sideline for adjustments. Throughout the years Richt has given his quarterbacks the ability to read certain coverages and audible to a second play. Now Bobo is taking it a step further as Murray will be looking to the sidelines for plays. Bobo was quoted as saying, “There are still a number of things we do at the line that Murray did, but there will be more. We’re going to look to the sideline to get the play.”

The no-huddle offense has also found a home in Athens and according to Bobo will be a major part of the Bulldog arsenal this season. So get used to it folks, both offensive philosophies are here to stay, for at least one season.


  1. Yeah, you've got to get playmakers on the field.

    We're going to see Smith or Boykin in there on 30 plays. Look for Charles to slide out to receiver, and White to play at TE. Look for Mitchell to play 30 snaps.

    Look for Tavarres King to bouceback, King played his best games last year against South Carolina & Florida. King will be left with a bad cover guy, and King should go off for 100+ yards. Mitchell should have a big day too. They'll probably put Gilmore on Charles, but Gilmore really struggled last week and got outjumped on some plays, so expect out big verticals to test Gilmore again, especially in the Red Zone.

  2. Anon 8:46, good thoughts. I think 30 snaps for Smith or Boykin may be a bit optimistic. I would love to see them get that many reps, but more likely they'll get around 10 or so apiece. Charles may flex out as an attempt to get White on the field more. Mitchell has to play in my opinion! I also look for King to contribute more this week. I hope your right on his yardage.

  3. I'm saying a total of 30 snaps between Boykin/Smith. You've got to get some guys on the field who have speed for the long explosion plays, and also who don't drop for possession. I like Mitchell/King for speed playmakers as WR, and Charles as a WR. I also like Bennett & White for possession receivers, they don't ever drop. White catches over 90%, and Bennett only had 1 drop since Jan in practice.

    I like Boykin/Smith to help put playmakers on the rushing side, you figure 30 rushes, so get 10 to Boykin, 10 to Smith, 10 to Crowell, assuming all produce equally, or go with hot hand.

    Out of 35 passes, 10 to Charles, 10 to Mitchell, and 10 to Bennett/White and 5 to King.