Monday, September 12, 2011

H2H Programming Update

We're all having an extremely busy week this week. Wes and myself have some obligations that we can't push off and Dawgola can't do it by himself, so we're having to adjust because of it. Consequently, our content will have to be pushed to later in the week.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, check the schedule below:

  • Tales From the Tailgate: TFT will occupy the Wednesday morning spot. Considering the time it takes to cut these up and load the HD video to Youtube and the time I have to do it, it would pretty much equal no sleep for me if I had to get it out by the normal Tuesday time.
  • Hedge Talk: I don't feel like this would be an extremely fun job for Dawgola doing by himself, so this will be bumped to Wednesday as well. We'll have some talking points from this week, a preview of Saturday's game (dogs and cats included), and as always, plenty of pop culture commentary.

Other than that, we'll keep the Tweet O' The Day intact, as well as the insightful ruminations of DT and Wes. Stay tuned.

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