Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Georgia Tech Hits New Low

Oh My.
The following is along the same lines as handing out rings for beating Georgia in 2008 (in a regular season game mind you). It has come to my attention (via the Dr. Saturday blog on Yahoo!) that the official Georgia Tech sports apparel online store,, is commemorating Tech's record-breaking regular season win over Kansas with a new T-shirt (to right).

Apparently beating a team that finished 107th nationally against the run last season (out of 120 teams) is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Yes, the 604 yards rushing is quite impressive, but selling a T-shirt? Besides, the math is not even correct; I'm pretty sure 12.1 + 768 + 604 actually equals 1384.1, NOT "GT History" (I'm not a mathematician so I guess I could be wrong).

Anyway, I like to find excuses to bash Tech every once in a while, and I certainly hope -- though it probably won't happen -- that North Carolina beats them 23,684 - 0 this weekend. I'm pretty sure that would also be a record, and even I would probably buy a shirt if that happened.

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