Wednesday, September 28, 2011

College Hoops Preseason Mags Already Out

Yes, it's September 28, and I have -- in my hands -- Lindy's 2011-12 College Basketball Preview Edition. So, I thought I would pass on a few tidbits, mostly about the Dawgs...

First, when perusing their preseason predictions for the SEC, I was reminded that the two-division format has been lifted. The scheduling format still remains the same however, as we will play all of the East teams twice and the West teams once (yes, it's still very flawed). Anyway, given that all 12 teams are now grouped together, I noticed that the Dawgs were...uh...picked to finish 11th in the conference! 

Here is what they said about UGA in a nutshell:

  • Backcourt is good
  • Frontcourt sucks
  • Coach Fox has things headed in the right direction in the big picture
  • Will Kentavious Caldwell-Pope be eligible? (the answer is yes, which is probably a reason these shouldn't be printed so far in advance).
  • Could end up like Fox's first year in terms of W-L record
  • Pretty much dogged Marcus Thornton and Donte Williams
  • I soon realized that the guy who wrote our team page summary, Gregg Doyel, attended the University of Florida. That could explain the UGA hate. 
  • And then there is a lot of UK and UF drooling, which -- honestly -- is probably deserved. 
Anyway, I just though some of you hoops fans might be interested to know that the preview mags are already out, and we're not even half-way through football season yet. 

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