Friday, September 2, 2011

1 Day: Smith VS. Crowell

Smith vs. Crowell... Who will prevail for numero uno?

We're at the last day of the countdown. This is a joyous day and yet a somber one as we close the countdown this season. Well, actually I'm glad as hell that I don't have to do this every day any more. I say "I" but, of course, I mean all of us here at H2H. It's not that this was a well traveled daily reader, I just felt like, "Well, we've done it every day since Kwame, so we can't stop now." Plus, there's not really another around, so it was kind of a novel piece of work for anyone trying to find such a read.

Anyway, in reaching the last of the 99 of these posts, we've arrived at the most controversial of numbers. It's owned by arguably two of the most-talked about players on the team this summer, Branden Smith and Isaiah Crowell. Smith is the incumbent, but Crowell is the uber-talented freshman with a jersey promise in his hip pocket. Considering all the hooplah, which number will each of these guys actually wear on Saturday?

I think that you'll see Crowell come out in something else. I'm going to say 3 for now, but I guess there's an outside shot that he will be wearing #1, just the same as his compadre Smith. I really hate number controversy, as I don't get why they're a big deal in the first place. A number doesn't make the player, a player makes the number in my opinion.

Just for kicks, lets leave this one up to the Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots. Red for Smith, blue for Crowell.

I think you're going to see Isaiah start on Saturday, depth chart be damned. On the other side of the issue, it might be tough to ask a kid like Richie Samuel to move to running back and not throw him a bone in the opening game. I'm not certain what happens, but even if Crowell was starting, Richt wouldn't tell everyone and put the kid under a ton of pressure. Either way, I really won't care if we can run the ball.

As far as Branden, I really hope he plays as well as he's been billed this summer. I'll be sorely disappointed if I don't see some hellacious coverage and return chops this Satuday. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and make a prediction for you. Pick return for 32 yards and a punt return for a TD. I know that's ridiculous, but I'm having a good feeling about his play Saturday. Actually, I'm having a GREAT feeling. It's all about matchups in the secondary and I think we've got the advantage on the edges here in a big way.


Next up: FIN!

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