Monday, August 22, 2011

A VERY CLOSE Look at the New Uniforms

We -- the H2H guys -- decided to take our little video camera to Athens for 'Picture Day' to get a close-up look at the new unis. Personally, I had a mostly negative rating. I think Wes Dawgtooth and MVD liked them a little more. The gray helmet itself looked okay, but the big stripe down the helmet killed me  And the pants...I think they designed them in about 11 seconds. That said, as long as we win I don't care what we wear. Pink? Okay. Stale Vomit Green? Good. Baby Crap Yellow...okay, I'll stop.

What do you guys think? (FYI: The gloves displayed are not the actual ones we'll be wearing. Sorry, talk to the athletic department)


  1. I'm with you...they're definitely not my favorite, but it's just one game. I think some of the reaction has been a little overboard. Had this been a permanent change, then yes, I could understand the outrage, but again, it's just 1 game! I do like the attention this has drawn to the all we have to do is WIN and make the uniforms a mute point.

  2. Griff,

    Agreed...btw, are you the Griff from Back to the Future: Part 2? Just wondering. ;)

  3. These days the players like to shake it up with the uniforms. Players love it and recruits love it. This is what the younger fans like and you have to appeal to them if we are going to attract the up and coming kids. The UNI's are a more clean modern's one's guys sound like old fashion grumpy old men who just don't "get it"

  4. Anon 3:05,

    I don't mind getting special unis for this game...I just wanted them to look better.