Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tweet(s) O' The Day: Country Singer Jason Aldean Visits Dawgs

I will start this post by admitting that I'm not much of a modern country fan. It's kind of a watered down product and I'm not sure that there's a truly great country and western group out there right now (like a Garth Brooks or Alan Jackson of the 90's), but there's some pretty good talent out there nonetheless. Despite not being a gigantic fan, I can appreciate that and acknowledge there's obviously a reason that these folks are popular.

I will, however, say that there are quite a few country songs that do tickle my fancy and just a handful of them happen to be from the guy who makes this post interesting (and a DGD in Nashville)...

Jason Aldean.

Twitter was rampant yesterday from this visit, as evidenced below. I hope that you're not surprised that Hunter Long of "Tweet O' The Day" fame is featured. I think the whole offensive line must've gotten some shoulder rubbing time with Aldean. Stick with me, cause there are a few tweets coming.

Jason is a big Dawg fan - and when I say big, I mean huge. If you'll notice in the last photo, he has his handy-dandy media guide ready to talk some past history. I don't know for what reason he was in Athens today, other than he likes the city and scenery (Bid Day), as he's currently on tour. If you weren't keenly knowledgeable of his love for the Dawgs, check this out from ESPN and Kenny Mayne - it's classic. (His bulldog is named Athens, so yeah... he probably does like the city).


  1. Jason was in Athens because he played the Georgia Theatre last night.

  2. Jason Aldean's first couple of albums were pretty darn good. Amarillo Sky, Johnny Cash, Lonesome USA, etc. All good songs. I can't get into his new stuff, and I absolutely hate his newest hit, Dirt Road Anthem.

    Regardless, he's a damned good Dawg and a huge Georgia fan. He's got a UGA room in his house, completely decked out in Georgia theme. Real talented guy!

  3. My biggest issue with Jason Aldean is that he rarely, if ever, writes his own songs.
    I know that it is common in popular music, ESPECIALLY in popular country music, for artists to buy the rights to songs from other artists... but I can't tell you how many times I've liked a song from a lesser-known artist and then heard Jason Aldean come out with a NEW SINGLE... and it just be his version of the song I already liked. Dirt Road Anthem is a perfect example. It was a great song by Colt Ford, but Jason just did not do it justice.
    I prefer an artist that writes his own songs... Just a personal preference.

  4. Herschel,

    I completely, 100% agree with you. Some songs are catchy, but that doesn't make you a good artist.