Monday, August 29, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Will Aron White Play vs. Boise?

No this isn't because of some minor fracas at a bar downtown or a nonsensical no-license scooter accident, it's because of what Wes has been suffering from for the past two weeks - a lack of immunity to kryptonite and a strange affectation for all things codeine related, except purple drink, of course. This isn't an article on JaMarcus Russell after all.

Anyway, it appears that Aron has a pretty serious cold. I'm sure the coaching staff wouldn't want the general public knowing about this, but because we're in the business of keeping you folks out there informed, check these tweets from our franchise TE 1b...

By my estimation, Aron will be just fine. After consulting my handy dandy Grey's Anatomy (and I'm not talking about that Grey's) I've decided that's it's probably your run of the mill viral rhinopharyngitis. Some analgesics and ibuprofen and in a few days he'll be good as new. 

No worries, Dawg Nation. Aron will be in the starting lineup come Saturday, cold or no cold.

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