Friday, August 12, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Which Walk-Ons Got Scholarships?

Today was the annual scholarship awarding day for walk-ons for Mark Richt. There were several awarded,  but instead of telling you who got those myself, I'll let Twitter do the talking.

Here's a curious tweet from walk-on RB Brandon Harton:

So what's he feeling so blessed about (From Izzy Troupe)?

Blake Sailors was feeling it too:

 So who all received scholarships today? Check out this tweet from Michael "Snow Man" Bennett:

What a good thing for these guys. There's nothing like putting a lot of hard work in and it finally paying off. Considering we have about 80 guys now on scholarship, I guess there might be a few others who got one or will be getting one in the near future.

Congrats to these 3 Damn Good Dawgs, they deserved it.

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