Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: What Orson Charles and Crowell Have in Common

If you had to pick one guy on the squad who you'd like to get off the bus first, who would you go with? My money is on Orson Charles. If you have any doubts, check the picture featured below.

Other than looking like 245 pounds of stacked rock, Orson has been pimped innumerable times this spring as "our best receiver" by Richt. I guess TK and the receiving corps don't appreciate that a lot - were it me I'd be determined to have that title in my locker, but that's just my approach.

Anyway, there's a reason behind all of this, Orson works his tail off - or so he says.

From everything I've heard on Orson, he would also fit into that category of recruits that "may" have felt a little entitled in their first days on campus. A few rumors I've heard would place him loosely in the same category as some rumor-speak has placed Isaiah Crowell. I say all of this to point out that it's tough for kids who get all of the hype and the focus placed on them, but there are really good examples (Orson, reportedly) that kids get past all of that and turn out exceptionally well. 

It's fairly obvious that the leadership on this team is better than we've had in a while. You'd have to have blinders and earmuffs on not to know that by now. I think any rumors that we've heard of Crowell not jiving well are soon to be gone because of that. The go-getters on this team know what is at stake and I have a pretty good idea that they'll keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

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  1. I saw the team running on Milledge the other day, and Orson and Richard Samuel were near the front. All I've gotta say is DAMN. They both had their shirts off (no homo) and they looked like machines. I can't really continue this discussion without drifting into either homosexual comments or racial stereotypes, but DAMN.