Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Tim Worley Visits Dawgs Yesterday

The star power (re)appearing in Athens this offseason is staggering. First, almost out of nowhere, Herschel is putting the team through the grinder in the weight room and on the practice field, then Jason Aldean shows up a few weeks ago. Now it's another former Dawg tailback making a special trip over to Athens to put the team through the paces in another fashion. Check out these few tweets for a little background.

It's good to see Tim in Athens telling kids about talent and character. After having a lot of troubles in his life, he's really gotten things in order. If you didn't know, Worley is now speaking publicly and doing consulting full time through his business, Worley Enterprises. Being that there's a lot of really young talent on this team, it looks like Richt is doing his AAA+++ best to make sure they stay in the classroom, off the hooch, and on the field in their future.

I'm sure these type of visits have been a staple in the past, but I can't remember so much hoorah about people visiting Athens as positive role models. If you don't think Mark Richt is motivated to keep his job, he sure is trying his darnedest to make sure this team has their head screwed on straight and enforce what's already being relayed to the pups.

Once again, I'm getting optimistic before the season for really no good reason.

I like it.

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