Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Scott-Wesley Next Caught Knocked Out

Jay Rome is one of the most prolific and enjoyable team tweeters on the squad. I think he finds it fun to prowl around the facility and catch players who've fallen asleep and document it via Twitter. If you didn't catch an episode of Tweet O' The Day earlier this week, he found Jarvis Jones conked out in a meeting room. Today's special invitee is none other than Bulldogs freshman wideout Justin Scott-Wesley.

So are these some of those new-fangled training tables that we didn't have prior to the Butts-Mehre expansion? I'm hoping there's some cupholders, massaging heads, and a complimentary pedicure tub affixed to these somewhere, as the athletic department really saved up a lot of cash to get them.

Hidden in all of this Twoolishness (Yeah, I just made that up.) is YET MORE evidence of the hard work JoeT is putting all these kids through. Heck, they all just fall out after practice because they're so darn tired after all of that old school footballin'.

Actually, I'm just kidding with all of that. What's funny is that some folks might actually think that a college athlete catching up on some z's might somehow tangentially relate to what the S&C program is putting these kids through or the intensity/tempo of practice shooting up from last year. I'd be FAR MORE inclined to think that he stayed up to catch the late SportsCenter and a few Entourage re-runs.

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  1. College students in general sleep a lot. These guys are just good at catching the zzz's wherever they can.