Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Potluck and Coach T Did What?

First off, I'd like to get this post started with some game week tweets from Dawgs all over the place. In case you haven't noticed, it's really not that long until things get set off in Atlanta. The team sure has. Check for evidence...

It's no surprise that the team is jacked for such a huge game. After about three months of buildup, I'm sure they'll be ready to bang on some blue ponies for 60 minutes. And by bang, I mean completely removing their will to ever compete against an SEC team ever again.

And now for Coach T's part of the segment (and why you clicked on this in the first place). This is from the Dawg's pleasantly surprising true freshman tackle.

While Coach T gets his fair share of criticism (from us especially, but I think I'm going to eat my words), but the players seem to love him at about a 97% clip, while I guess 3% of other guys do not like him AT ALL. (Notice the #3 in that last statement) It's becoming more and more obvious that what Richt did in the offseason probably did improve team morale and leadership, which earns some cred back in that area with me.

Speaking of team morale...

Yesterday a little tweetroversy stemmed from some of Ken Malcome's tweets. I'm not going to comment in those because that wouldn't be very creative on my part. I like bringing some new material to this feature. I will say, however, don't read too much into it. Kid's had a bunch of nagging injuries and isn't getting the reps he wants - if that's what is going on in his head. Give it a month and we'll take his pulse AFTER a few games.


  1. I read Chuck Oliver's article on keys to the Boise St. game. For some reason Chuck thinks Bobo should throw the ball 30+ times on Saturday, because he doesn't think we can play power football against the Broncos. Perhaps I'm putting too much emphasis on the size gap, but if Mike Bobo and the UGA OL can't establish dominance in the trenches against a vastly undersized Bronco DL, then this does not bode well for Georgia's 2011 campaign. If we can't pound the rock against Boise St. and play power football against this much smaller team, then we're going to have real problems against the lamecocks DL. I disagree with Oliver - the Broncos might be a run stopper defense, but we've got to do everything we can to establish dominance on the line. This OL is a lot different than last year - bigger and stronger... pound the hell out of the Broncos and do it all night long!

  2. hey Doc, I'd agree but on a different principal. BS does appear to have a run stopper defense on paper... but that was against..... whom exactly? Northwestern Missouri Diesel Mechanics Technical College et al?

    I get their good, they win a lot of games and I don't expect UGA to just waltz in and hose 'em down. Heck they could legitimately beat us. But if UGA is as mean and nasty as the 3 months of barking I've heard... ain't no school the likes of this one supposed to be able to even slow our ground game down, let alone stop it altogether. And usually if/when we lose, you can almost everytime look back and see where we abandoned the running game at some point during the contest.

    We have to establish it early and be able to do it at will... we do so we win handily. we don't, we lose.