Monday, August 1, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Murray/Mason/Rome Fall Camp Twitter Buzz

With fall practice and the season fast approaching, Athens is abuzz with the chatter of college football again. It's great to hear that the team is really looking forward to this season cause they cure don't need to look in the rear view mirror. We all know what they'll see and most likely, it'll look something like this - only they don't have a sawed off shotgun and a T-800 at the wheel.

Robert Patrick don't take no chit...

So what are the kids twittering about? They're READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! (Insert Hank Jr. impression)

I like to hear this stuff. Let's just hope that this will translate to winning some daggum football games. I can't help but think the leadership is better and the bad weight has been dropped, so does that equate to an SEC East title? Maybe, maybe not...

Do you think it will?

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