Monday, August 15, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Michael Bennett, Footballer & Philosophizer

"Snow Man" or as many people know him, Michael Bennett, is looking to replace what Kris Durham left with last season. Seeing as Durham is also a tall white guy, that comparison made sense because of precisely one reason - he's a tall white guy. Possession receiver also comes to mind here, simply because he's a white kid, as every color analyst on ESPN would call him this for no other reason and then compare him to Brian Finneran or some other random, well-known white dude in the NFL.

Anyway, ill-fitting racial stereotypes aside, Bennett has really flown under the radar of late after being the talk of camp last fall and this spring. I don't think "Ochodos" would generally consider himself the Confucius of the football team, but I thought that this tweet rang a little nostalgic with me.

I think we all wish we were five again. You actually get excited about your birthday and get cool stuff without all of the "How does it feel to be old?" jabs. You can also pee your pants without it being a really, really huge deal. The foremost thing at the front of your mind is not what you're going to be doing with your life, but rather what flavor juice box you'd like for snack time. And, most notably, naps are a regular occurrence at 1:00 in the afternoon.

For any other tips on life in general, visit Michael's twitter @michael_ochodos, or try and find your nearest Chinese buffet.


  1. I didnt realize that peeing my pants wasnt cool anymore. Bummer. Oh well, we are headed for football soon i know, but I have to ask

    "are we there YET?"

  2. Then you get to the other end of life when peeing in your pants isn't a big deal once again.

  3. Michael Bennett is white? Aww man, thanks for blowing up my preconceived notion of him being a tall, athletic Randy Moss type receiver...