Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Kenarious Says Sanders Commings Sucks

At EA Sports NCAA 2012.

Just check the tweet from Mr. Gates last eve:

I like a little light-hearted ribbing among teammates. I can't remember how many controllers were broken (or still get broken), fights broke out, or wagers were made in college over a friendly game of NBA Jam, Super Tennis, or Super Mario World. If you wanna spend some quality time in college with your roommates (or anyone), just throw on the SNES and throw down some bones. It's also just as much fun to watch when this happens.

Anyway, I feel your pain Sanders. Dawgola pretty much eats my lunch in every video game known to man made before 1998 or sports related, so I have to con him into a friendly game of COD or the like every once in a while to even the playing field a little. 

So yeah, yesterday was a pretty slow day for the twitterwebs. But take this late night add from Jordan Love as evidence that the guys are ready to crack some skulls.

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