Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: A Journey Thru Hunter Long's 1st Bid Day

The mind of Hunter Long runs muddy with visions of skinny dancing sorority girls, big trucks, pool parties, loud music, and fratty sunglasses. This can only mean one thing - the best day of his year is, without a doubt, UGA Bid Day, as it combines all of these in a tasteful display of girls on parade.

If you have any doubts that Hunter's favorite day of the year was yesterday, just check the tweets from last night. There's plenty of evidence if you're not completely compelled.

He obviously likes Wedding Crashers as well, so coupling his Bid Day aficiandoism, he's probably quite the kewl kat. The other painfully obvious observation here is how much this kid loves to party. Call me crazy, but he's playing with fire a little bit here. Partying a little hard is really no big deal, but often gets blown up by media types because of the nature of Mark Richt. It's a double standard, but I digress.

If Hunter Long doesn't ride in the back of a jacked up truck with a makeshift pool in it on a Bid Day in his time in Athens, I'll eat my hat. Cheers, young man.

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  1. Somebody better keep an eye on that boy!