Friday, August 5, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Jay Rome Showing Off the Mitts

It's no secret that James Rome has pass catching ability in spades. From my initial impression after first seeing him play live, all I could think was, "Sheesh, this guy can run a route and has magnets for hands." I was pretty certain he'd redshirt before seeing him, but after that I felt somewhat certain he'd find a way on the field.

That looks to be the case now. He's shown a lot of maturity and word out of practice today was he looked pretty solid. With our current situation in the backfield, I've heard some solid rumors that he's likely going to get snaps in an h-back/hybrid role pretty much just like Bruce.

Anyway, today's tweet features a nice shot of Jay making a tough grab. Take a looksey below...

It doesn't take Miss Cleo to predict that he has a few more of those in his future. I hope they're meaningful and add points to scoreboard. I did hear that this shot was not his best catch of the day, however so you can take that FWIW.

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