Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Austin and Hunter Long Know How to Party

For two guys holding down spots on the offensive line, these guys sure know how to get their party on. How do I know this? Well, it just so happens to be from a very good source which is only further confirmed by the younger statesman's Twitter account. Just so you know, this all stemmed from almost posting the top tweet on his timeline in the picture. With some more investigation, this was certainly more entertaining than another crappy article about "how hard the team is working" or some other lameness like that.

So here's a little screen shot:

So why am I intrigued by this? Let's illustrate a pertinent points and break the above picture down a bit...
  • No undershirt and a little courtesy brown sugar for the ladies with the frattastic plaid fishing shirt. #TFM Hunter.
  • Stock label on the Red Sox hat. Purely for playaz.
  • Lots of half-empty soda bottles on the shelf at his apartment. Obviously.
  • Took a page out of Hugh Hefner's book and surrounds himself with only three blondes. Give him time, it's only his first year on campus.
  • The girl on the left looks somewhat uncomfortable - body language isn't good, but the girl on the inner right looks comfy. Girl on far right looks like she'd like to be more comfy, but Hunter isn't falling for her tricks.
  • Long is listed at 6'3 293. That's probably equates to the weight of 2.3 of these three.
  • It's not every day that you see BAMF and Cool Runnings thrown out anymore. Major kewl points for that. Sanka would be proud my friend.
I don't have a tweeter for Long's elder brother, but he's probably going to do a little less partying seeing as he was diagnosed with Mono today and will like miss most, if not all, of fall camp. I've heard he can more than hold his own at a Fiji shindig. 

Either way, live it up you two because, like your mama said, "One day college will be over and the real world's gonna smack you upside the head." It hurts... badly - and you can't slap back.


  1. His Cool Runnings post also includes SJ Tuohy, the kid from The Blind Side. Does he get more "kewl" points for being Hollywood?

  2. ? is which of these girls gave his brother Mono?

  3. Hmmm... That could be the guilty mono party.

  4. He is tweeting SJ Tuohy to begin with so he is fratty AF.