Friday, August 19, 2011

Tweet O' The Day: Aron White's Thoughts On NCAA(NFL)

I promised I would no longer post about the NCAA yesterday. Well this isn't technically about the NCAA, so it falls outside of my former statements. This is more about the NFL and Goodell's face-saving tactics. What Aron thinks here makes a lot of sense. See for yourself:

I didn't realize this before the tweet by Aron, but the NFL ruled that Pryor can play in preseason games after being drafted in the supplemental draft, but has to sit the first 5 games for which he's on the active roster. I'm sure that will be of absolutely no consequence, but it's basically serving as a PR move for Roger Goodell - can't have those troublemaking benefits takers getting ineligible and declaring for the draft.

Here's a little from David Cornwell, Pryor's attorney, on the issue (with some ESPN video below). It's a classic genius move by deflecting Pryor's obviously embarrassing situation at tOSU onto the NCAA's recent dumbassery and making it look like it's another fumble on their part. The last sentence is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Oh yeah, this is the NCAA's fault that he took a bunch of sh!t and pretty much got paid to go there. I LOL'd.

"Ultimately we are pleased that Terrelle will have the opportunity to fulfill his dream to dream to play in the NFL," Cornwell said. "Personally, I hope this causes everyone to pause and conclude that we must challenge the NCAA on its 'amateurism' rules. Terrelle is going to the NFL because the NCAA mandated that he feed their families, but he could not feed his own."

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