Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Sweet Dreams, Hitman

In case you haven't heard, our depth at safety took quite a "hit" yesterday (pardon the pun). It looks like Jakar Hamilton will likely miss the entire season due to what Richt is calling “some type of fracture toward his ankle...". As far as his productivity is concerned, we probably won't miss too much, as Shawn Williams took over the starting duties about half-way through last season anyway. Personally, I think getting trucked by Marcus Lattimore several times caused some permanent scarring to Hamilton's playing ability. Thus, the "Hitman" was left with a rather ironic nickname. As for our backups, we are now left with Marc Deas (who hasn't taken a snap) and we will most likely see Sanders Commings moving BACK to safety (just my educated guess).

As for our Thursday Thrash video, I thought Roy Buchanan's instrumental version of the Don Gibson song made famous by Patsy Cline was appropriate. Sweet Dreams Hitman...


  1. Oh Tesla, while Shawn Williams did make 3 starts last year let's not forget Ogletree claimed the starting job at Free Safety with 5 games remaining. It's also notable that Rambo has slid over into the FS position this year and Jakar was his primary backup before going down.

  2. Hey Wes, does this look familiar:

    "Tesla my friend, I'm pretty certain Alec Ogletree took Hamilton's starting spot last season. I'm not sure that Williams even got a hard look at starting last year."

  3. Dirty dirty move Tesla! I was mistaken originally and deleted that comment. Anyway...don't forget Corey Moore. He stands to gain the most from Jakar's injury and in my opinion will play early.

  4. I think it's funny that we're the only ones commenting on our on article.