Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thrash: Bruce Pearl and Former Staff "Estranged"

Thursday Thrash is a weekly segment in which we incorporate some of the greatest songs of all time (mostly metal, but not always) into a topically relevant post revolving around current issues at the University of Georgia. As a note, artistic liberties will be frequently used in this relation. Basically, the only premise/rule is that I can't put on some crappy Shania Twain song or some no-talent lightning catcher with autotune (see KESHA).

Make sure and take a quick peek at the above screen shot. If you an avid viewer of VH-1, you'll know where it comes from, but I'm not going to reveal myself just yet. First let's take a look at a few notable events at a rival school in the Eastern division of the SEC.

It's been a very busy last few days for the University of Hillbillies in Knoxville. The news has been fast, heavy, and mostly enjoyable, save the parts that concern any person's personal welfare. Here's a quick rundown of the issues that the Viles are currently dealing with:
  • From USA TodayThe NCAA Committee on Infractions announced Wednesday it is imposing a three-year show-cause penalty against former Tennessee men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl for major rules violations, essentially making him unemployable in the college ranks during the three-year period.
  • Former assistant coaches Tony Jones, Jason Shay and Steve Forbes also got pegged with one-year show-cause penalties.
  • Troubled safety Janzen Jackson was dismissed from the team, after having about 26 run-ins with the law over his time in Knoxville.
The first two bullet points here make me laugh. After sweeping pretty much everything he could possibly sweep under the rug in his time in Knoxville, cheating openly in recruiting, and lying to just about everyone he could about it, Pearl finally gets whacked. It's finally nice to see some justice done. If you make an honest mistake, it's a little different than being an outright cheater. The NCAA to the college coaching cummunity, "Don't eff with us. You cheat, you lie, then you lie about cheating and you're gonna get waxed."

The assistant coaches also got their due, but Tony Jones didn't appreciate it very much (per his twitter)...

In case you care to see the NCAA release on the issue, look no further. Basically, next to being completely banned for three years, this is the worst punishment that a college coach can receive. Pearl can do no recruiting at any NCAA member school for the next three years and, should any school desire to hire him, they must go before a committee to explain why and could face penalties themselves for hiring him. 

In my opinion, we won't being seeing Bruce at any level for quite some time, if ever. Had you asked me if they'd be in trouble four years ago by now, you'd have received a quick answer. Why do these athletic directors make bad decisions like this? Oh yeah, that was Mike Hamilton.

As far as Janzen Jackson, it would probably be your worst nightmare to roll around in his cranium for 5 minutes. At some point you begin to feel sorry for fellow human beings, but it's really hard to do that when you've attempted to do harm to someone else - AKA robbing them. Very, very unfortunate, as he's most certainly they're best player and had NFL written all over him. If only he'd have done it a few days earlier, he could've joined Terrelle with the Raiders.

Considering all of the lies and deceit implicated above, today's Thrash is, without a doubt, GNR's best song ever, Estranged. Yeah, that screen shot above is the very first thing you see on the video. Other than the song being top-notch, the relevance of that little part of the video to Pearl & Crew is spot on.


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