Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simply Put: An Introduction

Some say we could be twins
A 14 point lead had been squandered as the sun set over Athens. Memories of a 51-33 home loss to Tennessee the year before began to creep into my mind. All momentum and energy created by the “Blackout” had disappeared and the darkness of Sanford now did little to shroud the likelihood of defeated. Then the miraculous happened… Ok enough of the dramatic prose. You all know the story; the Dawgs rose up and vanquished the WarTigerPlainsmen of Auburn with a resounding thrashing on both sides of the ball and carried the day 45-20. Celebratory drinks were flowing like the river Nile along Broad and Clayton and yes; I myself, Wes Dawgtooth was inclined to participate. That’s right folks I’ve been swayed into the foray of posting. If you’ve been listening to our podcast (and you should if you haven’t) or by chance have noticed my name in the top left hand corner you’ll note that I’ve been around for a minute. Truth is, I’ve known Tesla and Martin for a long long time and have learned to tolerate them just enough to befriend them. Kidding aside, I really enjoy working with these guys and look forward to bringing you, the reader, more insight (or lack thereof) and opinions on a bevy of topics. I apologize in advance for my often polarizing and sometimes harsh viewpoints. Humor and randomness are my two favorite assets and they will be on display early and often. Anyway, please keep the welcoming applause to a minimum. Let’s have some fun and as always, thanks for reading.

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