Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Round the Conference Wrap Up: Week 1

There are a few battles around the conference that have yet to be decided and a few teams that are facing a lot of question marks. I thought that it might be a good idea to give you a quick rundown of those pertinent happenings across the SEC so you'l have an idea of what to look for come Saturday. Here's a few quick hitters from the SEC on this very first game week of the season.
  • When Kentucky released their final depth chart before the Western Kentucky game in Nashville Thursday, it featured 7 true freshman on the two-deep. Joker Phillips has been bragging on this class a ton lately and it appears as though it was warranted. Of particular interest to me was northeast Georgia's own, Ashely Lowery (White County). If you'll remember, Ashely was featured on SportsCenter's Top-10 at number one last year because of the video featured below. I'll be cheering for the Cats (and Lowery in particular) big time on Thursday at 8:15.

  • It looks like the Ole Miss and BYU game in Oxford this Saturday should be an interesting one. The Nutt just a few days ago made a decision on a starting quarterback as Zack Stoudt, Barry Brunetti, and Randall Mackey have been pretty much equal all the way around. Not much GIGGITY GIGGITY for the opener I'm predicting. Brunetti gets the starting nod, but the hook could come out quickly if things get the least bit ugly.
  • Speaking of QB drama, the Yella Hammers haven't figured out who will start out of RS So. AJ McCarron and RS Fr. Philip Sims. Says Saban, "I really think one of them has to come out there first, but I don't think that necessarily means that guy is the starter," Saban said Monday. "I think both guys will play in the game and we will have a plan for both guys to play in the game. I think it's out of fairness to them that they both get an opportunity to play in this game, It's kind of what we've talked about." (USA Today)
  • Florida releases week one starters... Almost (via the Miami Herald) Frankly, I'm a little surpised to see Andre Debose and Frankie Hammond as "second teamers". Also, they have MAJOR issues in the offensive line - not that those will be evident come October, 29th.

  • The mopeds strike again. South Carolina's 3rd-string QB, Andrew Clifford, was injured while riding a scooter helmetless and carrying a pizza. I guess sometimes you just get so into Pizza Hut that you forget that you actually have to drive your two-wheeled wonder home. Here's an excerpt from the Evil Genius on the situation... "he hopes it is a lesson to the rest of his players who drive mo-peds. He said you can't tell the players to do everything in life, although you can advise them to wear a helmet and encourage them." (WISTV-10) Oh yeah, and from what I've heard, Clowney is tearing it up in practice - unblockable. So there's that.

That's pretty much all I have regarding this week from around the conference. I was pretty surprised about the battle at Bama, as I'd figure that two quarterbacks would be far too instable for Saban going into the season. I'm sure things will get figured out by about the 4:00 mark in the first real game that the Bammers have, which is next week's matchup at Penn State.

If you have any other notable happenings that I didn't cover, please feel free to elucidate a headline below in the comments and we'll try and give our thoughts on it.

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