Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Miami Hedge Talk Discussion Was Understated

In passing I saw a small article on Nevin Shapiro with some interspersed comments from ex-Miami HC, Larry Coker on Monday and decided to quickly comment on it in yesterday's podcast. While I'm not ready to say that this is going to be the bombshell that we all need to see happen (much to the chagrin of Miami), it certainly doesn't look good for the 'Canes.

Because this is coming from a federal prisoner and the appropriately named "prisoner's dilemma" is in full effect, I'm always a little hesitant to trust people that have something to gain and virtually nothing to lose. I thought this would just get swept under the rug, but Yahoo! has taken the proverbial bone and run with it, so it may not go away anytime soon.

If you don't know to what I'm referring, here's THE LINK, as I don't feel like hacking out the bloody details - and by bloody, I mean 80's B-movie gore here.

This brings up an interesting point, how did some lowly AP guy get this story and it received virtually no traction Monday, yet when Yahoo! made mention of their "probe" it went like a hot knife through butter. I'm not nitpicking here, but it is a little curious. But anyway...

A rich Jewish guy in South Beach giving football players money and taking them to clubs doesn't engender folks to the idea that this was a "proper relationship", as it more closely resembles Drew Rosenhaus after a Pro Day. Hmmm, speaking of Drew Rosenhaus, just check out his list of purported clients:

  • Willis McGahee
  • Santana Moss
  • Terrell Owens
  • Kellen Winslow Jr
  • Jeremy Shockey
  • Frank Gore
  • DeSean Jackson
  • Lance Briggs
  • Carlos Dunlap
  • Zach Thomas

Is it pure coincidence that 6/10 on this list are ex-Miami guys? Something smells fishy.

***Oh yeah, and don't forget, Orson Charles was also made mention of in this article.***

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