Friday, August 19, 2011

Ok Yeah, So We Have the Pro-Combat Uniform ... BUT

Are these it? 

If you've been an avid reader of H2H for any amount of time, you'd know that we've been at the forefront of the uniform rumors. In March, we were the first to have the story on possible rumored new uniforms for the Boise game. That's been documented HERE ESPECIALLY, HERE, and HERE, oh and you can listen to some rumors HERE. Turns out that we were right about there being new uniforms, we just weren't right on what they look like at first.

Take a breath...

We're just a small operation, but we have sources just the same as the large ones. And no, that doesn't include 2nd-hand message board information, random tweets from people who "might" know, or another blogger that posts some rumors they heard at the water cooler. I'm not going to put something out there if I don't get it straight from a horse's mouth.

If I wanted to get some credibility with you guys, that would mean that I tell you about the uniforms - end of story. Other people have claimed to have info and may well be informed, BUT...

Are they really?

When I posted that article in March, I was going on a really, really solid rumor, but I didn't know the details for sure. I didn't think it would hurt in a situation where I didn't know what exactly what we'd be wearing, but dug up some possibilities after a little time. It didn't upset the apple cart.

Like I said, I could get maybe some credit for telling you all the details. A few thousand of you will most likely click the link for this post and then say I only wrote it for hits or whatever. That's fine if you think that, but it's not the truth. Yes, it might just be better for me to say later that I knew about this and not write this at all, but hey, I'm a bit of loudmouth.

Coach Richt wants no one to know and the team is on a gag order. He doesn't want to take the excitement away from his players and if I didn't care about that I'd tell you right now. While I'd like some inside info chops from you readers, I know it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

I can tell you for certain, it's not at all like what we've written about here before and not like any of the pictures that have been floated about. I can also tell you that every part of the uniform reflects tradition and it's not going to look like a clown suit, as some people think. I believe you'll think it's a good thing like I do.

It sure jacks up the players, that's for sure. All that tradition stuff is overrated anyway. Hell, it isn't 1967 anymore. You make your own tradition by winning national championships.

I hope you can respect this.

FYI, the jort wearers ain't got pooh on our gloves...


  1. Yeah, it sure jacks up the players...we were only down 31-0 at home to AlabamaADR halftime and got stomped by Florida the last two times we wore different uniforms. If you need uniform changes to try to get your kids fired up, you've got a problem. It was great for the Auburn game in 2007, but that's only because we won the game. No need to resort to uniform gimmicks so Nike can draw more attention to itself and away from the game.

  2. Who wins the fight Bobo calls for no gloves for Murray and Nike calls for the players to wear gloves

  3. For those who think this is a Richt gimmick just for the sake of jumping on Richt, you're wrong. Richt didn't come up with this. UGA has a contract with Nike and Nike tabbed UGA to wear new pro-combat uniforms. When Nike comes knocking saying, "we want to design your new uniforms to wear in the first game," you do it. FYI a former female UGA athlete leaked information about the uniforms yesterday... and they sound AWESOME. Go dawgs.

  4. And the gag order was a Nike thing too, not a Richt thing.

  5. Anon 10:02,

    You are correct sir.

    Anon 7:25,

    It's not really a uniform gimmick to fire up the players, as it was part of the agreed to contract to play in the game. Go and visit for evidence there.

    Anon 8:36,

    I wouldn't necessarily assume anyone "leaked" anything concrete.

  6. Call me the contrarian, but I like what Nike is doing. It adds flavor to the game and no harm to tradition is done. I'm sure the first poster would be totally jacked if we had beaten Alabama and Florida with the uniform changes. Personally, the uniforms we wore against AU are superior to the current ones. Black jersey, silver pants and red helmet rocks.

  7. Many of the desirable high school players get jacked-up by the combat uni's ( in point). I would love to see UGA exploit Nike to get more bang for our buck. btw, don't want to hear from you fogey "traditionalists."

  8. Exploit Nike? We need to drop them and go with Russell or another more "traditional" company.

    Players get "jacked-up" by a goofy looking uniform? Stay away from Athens, please!

    We "fogeys" pay the bills and are the ones that built UGA and the athletic department. It makes NO sense to come out looking like morons.

    Picture a beautiful, blood-red Ferrari. Now picture it being dumbed down with silver paint and ugly rims. THAT is what Nike does (change for the sake of change).

    We have great uniforms and I am very protective against people trying to mess with it. I know it is one game, but it is a national stage and we should let Nike know that we want tradition.

    Loser programs change uniforms all the time, but not the winners. Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama, USC etc. make few changes over the years because they do not need to. Look at the helmets that Vandy, South Carolina, Kentucky, Missy Stae and others have trotted out over the years. Pitiful. We are not them and should not aspire to the nonsense coming out of Oregon.

    The next time the US goes to the Olympics let's alter our national flag - let Nike do it, because it is just for a little while.

  9. The black helmets looked like crap whether we beat UF or not in 2008.