Thursday, August 18, 2011

NCAA: National Craptastic Attention Abyss

I'm getting really sick of all of the NCAA talk and who is/was/will be in a heap of sh!t. At this point I'm numb to it and really only post and talk about the matter because people, seemingly, can't get enough of it. That's getting in my crawl and I just can't stomach any more of it. Case in point, Paul Finebaum's show yesterday.

I knew I would hear absolutely nothing that would incriminate anyone or provide definite proof of anything, so I didn't listen after I told myself that I would. Danny Sheridan did not disappoint, as it was a completely pointless venture that did reveal, in fact, absolutely zero to shed light on the case of Auburn.

It's because of this and about 50 other things that will, from now on, completely prohibit me from talking or posting about any other allegation BS until someone actually gets the hammer laid down on them for something as I expect they would've. I just can't take it anymore.

Pretty soon all of this is going to go away after people stop paying attention and something else becomes more of an issue.

Oh yeah, and one more thing - no way in hell should ANY scholarshipped athlete get paid money. I don't care if the school is profiting from their presence, that doesn't make it okay. I've seen enough, "Just got this new iPad 2" or "Threw down five hundred on some headphones today" to make me realize that these kids are doing just fine.

So there, now that that's off my chest...

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