Monday, August 1, 2011

Kent Turene and Devin Bowman Still in Limbo

In case you haven't heard, the two of these 2011 Class signees are still in limbo. Turene, the fearsome MLB from Florida, had a test score flagged and is awaiting clearance from the NCAA. Bowman is waiting to hear on how his last attempt at the English section of the Georgia HS graduation test went.

I don't have any news to report on either of these, but in these two cases, no news is DEFINITELY NOT good news. With Georgia's history of qualification snafus, I don't get a great feeling on these two guys. Based on what I've heard though, it looks like Turene may have the best chance of being in Athens before the start of the season. I really hope to see Bowman on campus as well, as we're going to need both of them considering the depth at both positions.

I'm really counting on Turene most. He has the ability to play a lot of minutes early and was coveted by pretty much every school in the country. With size, speed, run stopping ability, and the ability to cover, Turene has all the tools to be a great MLB. Considering Burrows will now miss the season, it's down to Robinson, Gilliard, Turene*, Amarlo*, Wilson* (maybe) and Ogletree to smear across both positions inside. 

This is not a good situation if we can't get Turene in. I surmise that we'll know something definitive in the next week or so.

*All true freshmen

***4:30 Update*** We have now learned that Devin Bowman HAS in fact qualified. This, according to Seth Emerson of The Macon Telegraph (and many others):


  1. Last attempt to pass the English section of the Georgia high school graduation for Bowman...not sure if he knows the language well enough to even graduate high school yet we are willing to accept him while those with 1200 SAT's and 3.5 GPA's are turned away. Nobody said life was fair, but the next question is how can this kid be any kind of student-athlete at any college with his academic background?

  2. he knows language very well and he was informed this afternoon that he passed. he will be in athens today or tomorrow. and if you don't know his education background you should keep your comments to yourself. he made a 21 on his ACT...not the highest score ever but it's a lot better than people would expect.